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All You Need To Know About Australian Visa Application

Australian Visa is permission from Australian Government which is mandatorily needed for traveling to Australia. It is necessary to apply for a visa before traveling to Australia. Certain rules are there needed to be known and must be followed before applying for a visa to Australia. Otherwise, your Australian visa application will be rejected.

Australian Visa Application

If you are planning to visit Australia, there are many things you should know about such as which visa you need and the requirements for that visa application? There are many categories for visa application such as Visitor Visa, Electronic Travel Authority visa(Eta), Transit Visa, Medical treatment, and other types of visas. The type of visa that you may get depends on a couple of factors like the length of your stay, the purpose of visiting, passport type and your current location. An eVisitor visa allows you visit Australia for three months at a time. The medical visa allows someone to visit Australia who needs medical treatment. Transit visa allows one to stay in Australia for a very short time on the way to another country.


Who Are Eligible to Apply for Australian Visa?

Anyone who has a valid pass passport can apply for Australian Visa. But there are some additional requirements to apply for eTA Australia visa. Only the people of some selected countries like Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, U.S., U.K., etc. can apply for eTA Australia visa.

What is eTA Australia Visa?

eTA Australia visa is an electronic visa. eTA visa is valid for 12 months and the visitors can visit Australia anytime. But the visitors are allowed to stay there for 3months maximum at a time. The application form must be filled and submitted via online.

How to Apply For Australian Visa?

You can visit embassy to apply for the visa. You need a valid passport. You have to provide mandatory information to apply for the visa. It is a lengthy process. However, you can apply for eTA Australian visa application online. An arduous trip to embassy is not required. An active internet connection is required. The applicant even if he is an Australian should be outside Australia while applying for the eTA Australia visa.

You can apply for eTA visa through various websites. These websites provide all the required information. Besides, websites provide customer service in multiple languages. Following 3 simple steps, you can get you visa in a couple of hours through these websites.

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