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Have a Luxury Experience at Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Lake Como Italy

Grand Hotel Tremezzo is considered as one of the most beautiful hotels in Italy. As a matter of fact, there are many celebrities who are frequently visiting the Grand Hotel, as they always find peace and tranquility watching the beautiful tourist attraction of the Lake Como.

As far as beautiful attractions are concerned, Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como in Italy is always the perfect place to visit. You can find all the beautiful attractions that you’ve never seen before.

If Italy is one of the places you’re planning to visit, don’t forget to visit the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, especially if you want to have a high-class and modern inn while staying in Italy. When you visit the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, you can truly enjoy the dark water of the Lake as it is just located on the side of the lake. Apart from that, it is being set with jewel-colored, red velvet seats, button-back sofas – lashing of heavily golden curtains. The service in Grand Hotel is totally grand that will really love by everyone.


Most of the time when you are looking for a hotel to stay while enjoying your vacation, you always want to find one that can completely offer comfort. With Grand Hotel Tremezzo, you can find what you’re trying to look for, as it covers all what you want. With the ninety air-conditioned rooms & suites, swimming pools, yoga studio, spa, tennis court and gorgeous gardens, you can have an amazing and luxury experience while staying in the hotel.

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo rises 4-storeys that individually decorated & well-furnished. The high-ceiling rooms are also well-decorated with pastel tones, carpets, richly colored drapes with antique styled desks and marbled bathrooms. The amenities include, satellite television, Wi-Fi Internet connection, DVD players, minibars, bathrobes, slippers and safes. Also, the spa in Tre mezzo offers body treatments and massage while Beauty Center at the ground floor offers nail care, face & body tanning and waxing. As a matter of fact, the hotel has top floor with 8 contemporary suites – wooden floors, rainfall showers, rooftop terraces, allowing you to have an infinite lake views.

Everybody has their own favorite place to visit in Italy, but most of them loved to visit the Grand Hotel Tremezzo – Lake Como. One of the main reasons is that, aside from the beautiful lake, they still have opportunity to enjoy all the offers in Tre mezzo hotel. If you want to be like a star, you can speed across the Lake Como using the private boat provided by the Grand Hotel. Directly across Lake Como from the Grand Hotel is Bellagio or also known as the Lake’s pearl, where stone alleyways, waterfront villas, churches, shops and restaurants draw tourist year-round.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re planning to go on a vacation, take advantage of all the beautiful attractions in Lake Como. Visiting the Grand Hotel Tremezzo Lake Como in Italy will not only give you a classic vacation, but also peace of mind and luxury experiences that you will always treasure in the rest of your life!

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