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Plan To Have Your Honeymoon in Maldives

Are you planning a honeymoon?  Or maybe you have only recently decided to get married and have not really made it to the planning stages yet.  Either way, you know that a honeymoon needs to offer you some privacy as well as great service, and probably in an exotic location that will feel like a magical fairy tale.  Have you considered if you want something relaxing? Or would you prefer adventurous?  Are you thinking of a tropical island; maybe a rain forest, or a luscious green mountain?

Well, you could pick any one of these variables, or you could opt for some place that offers you many (or all) of them at the same time; as in luxury honeymoon packages Maldives.


As a country, Maldives has more than 1,100 islands, stretching across 90,000 sq km of ocean.  Roughly 200 of these islands are inhabited, with only one luxury resort per island, as regulated by the government. This means, of course, that whatever resort you choose will be private but also exclusive, giving you just the right balance of spas and other services, beach access, and other activities both indoors and outdoors.



While the country consists of 1,200 islands, they are all joined by 26 atolls and approximately 3,000 coral reefs.  This means you can simply relax on the shore, gazing out at the crystal blue water, or take a boat out for a day on the open water. You can also snorkel or scuba dive to explore the depths of the exotic location and then finish the day with a delectable meal at one of the island’s top notch restaurants.


To make the most of your luxurious Maldives honeymoon, make sure you take a little time learn about the history of this fine archipelago.  In the capital city of Male, for example, you can visit the National Museum, where you can get intimately acquainted with the nation’s origin as a 12th century sultinate; a melting pot of Arab, South Indian, and Sinhalese cultural influences.

Mostly Islamic in religious affiliation, the country can have some strict traditions but the nation shifted away from its mostly fishing-based economy to one of tourism. This means that the nation is quite welcoming to all people who wish to enjoy the exotic beauty, rich heritage, and delicious fusion cuisine that Maldives has to offer.

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