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Prefer the adventure travel through Hema maps

Hema explorer is here for your android devices as it provides you a complete description of the whole Australian topography. You can navigate through the map and even plan your whole journey through the roads of the Australia. It is a great way of deciding the ways you want to go and then share your next adventure with the explorer of the Hema. You can investigate through the map and decide where exactly you want to go and mark it from advance.

Facilities and discrete information are up to date

The presence of forty thousand multiple points are helpful for you to decide the exact locations you want to visit and spend your time. The multi-sale topographic technology gives you the customized value of marking the places and making the places worth viewing. You can engender the route and follow it as the map is the exact topography of every Australian roadway and place. You have the facility to navigate the places in offline mode. The facility of backing up logs for your tracks which get saved in the application is more than advantageous.


Best for all types of adventures

You can easily geotag your photos and add trip notes in Hema explorer mapping system. These customized changes remain saved and you can get them even when you are navigating them offline. The map system is very user-friendly. You need to have a cloud account under the Hema Explorer which will help you success all the change you have done. You will be able to remember then easily and share then whenever required. The app is extremely good for all types of adventurous actions like caravanning, hiking, camping in woods or foothills of the Australian landscape.

Information helps in planning the trip

You will receive individual information through places all around the Australian landscape. This will help you to plan your trip on the prior basis and make you think of taking the right time out for visiting them in the chronological manner. The route can be easily created by putting down the address and getting the waypoints easily. So, install this app on your device to help you get a nice tour through Australia.

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