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Shared Housing Catches on For Travelers

There’s a new trend in travel these days, and it’s the concept of sharing resources to make travel an overall much more satisfying, and often more affordable experience. Today many companies are popping up that cater to this new trend in sharing. Uber and Lyft are two ride-sharing companies that have taken off in a big way, as people in cities find that sharing a ride with a driver (and others in a car) saves time, money and the stress of dealing with traffic.

Sharing Apartments and Making Travel That Much Easier

Along with this shared resource trend has come a major trend in sharing housing. Websites like www.Airbnd.com are having a huge impact on the travel industry, as many people are opening up their homes and renting out rooms to travelers who want to save money on hotels, and who also want to have the experience of actually living (not just being a tourist) in the place they are visiting, whether for work or for pleasure.

The idea of renting out apartments via reputable websites is catching on in a big way, and now there are many sites that cater especially to those in specific areas that attract travelers who want a hotel-quality experience even as they rent out an apartment (instead of a hotel). This can be a win-win experience for all considered, as some of the sites now offering bookings for apartments (in areas like the very appealing Fitzrovia area in London) are offering luxurious apartments with hotel-like amenities.


The Fitzrovia area is located in central London, near the West End (which is the theater and arts district). This area features quaintly leafy walkways and classic buildings from the Edwardian era, as well as beautiful mansions built in a neoclassical style. This area has an artful pedigree, as it was home to many famous artists of the late 1800s, like Oscar Wilde and many names from the Pre-Raphaelite movement. Though the area became a bit down at the heels for a time, it has had a resurgence and a definite gentrification over the past few decades, and is now a fashionable gallery and cafe-laden neighborhood. This area is also a film and celebrity magnet, adding to its special allure.

This neighborhood is one of the key areas for travelers to visit in London, and now some travel websites offer Fitzrovia serviced apartments for travelers who enjoy a feeling of luxury while they are away from home.

Serviced apartments are apartments that are run by a service agency that caters to travelers and corporate guests. Many of these accommodations are geared towards guests who are booking a longer stay, and these types of apartments give a traveler that “home away from home” feel that makes all the difference in the success of a trip.

So, the next time travel beckons, consider using a shared apartment, to make the most out of a trip and to get the very most out of a travel budget.

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