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Snowshoe Maine

The winter is now arrived, as well as with it comes the moment for winter sports such as cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Both of these tasks call for some prep work; which is why we have done the research and will certainly assist you in deciding where to go. Below, you have an extensive overview about some of the best snowshoeing and also cross-country skiing in Maine.

If you’re resting at home and browsing the web for which hotels and also trails you need to see, there’s no requirement to look anymore since the following listing will provide some of the best trails Maine has to offer.

There’s the Aspen Nordic Trails, Keystone Nordic Centre, Vail Nordic Centre, Crested Butte Nordic Centre, and also Breckenridge Nordic Centre.


Vail Nordic Centre

Vail Nordic Centre has over seventeen kilometres of cross-country ski routes as well as 10 kilometres of tracks for snowshoeing. The Centre provides a variety of food and also drinks for those that don’t want to be on the trails all day. There is additionally video clip descriptions which could assist you to learn how to navigate the trails. Plus they have an equipment shop there you can rent snowshoes and learn about the types of snowshoes available.

Breckenridge Nordic Centre

This centre has both all-natural as well as man-made snow so it’s very easy to discover a location to either ski or snowshoe. Both of these tasks are sustained by the centre, nonetheless, or even has instruction sessions for those that aren’t accustomed to skiing as well as snowshoeing. By doing this, you could obtain some good techniques prior to you hitting the trails by yourself.

Crested Butte Nordic Centre

This centre is based in the town of Crested Butte, which has more than fifty kilometres of trails committed to cross-country winter sports and also snowshoeing. These paths bring skiers as well as snowshoers around the outer regions of Crested Butte as well as they can venture right into the wilderness.

There is a huge range of dining establishments, buffets, and so on in the location for individuals that are preparing to a break from the great outdoors. They have a completely equipped ski shop that will provide for all of your equipment needs. Do not forget a good pair of goggles, they will help reduce eye strain. If you are in need of a pair, here is a good list of them.

Aspen Nordic Trails

Aspen is renowned for having some of the ideal trails for skiing and also snowboarding; nonetheless, it is likewise an excellent location for snowshoeing and also cross-country skiing. Aspen has one of the biggest networks of trails in North America for snowshoeing and also cross-country skiing. According to its website, Aspen Nordic Trails has ninety kilometres of trails for you to experience.

Keystone Nordic Centre

Like a few of the previously mentioned centres, Keystone Nordic Centre provides directed scenic tours from snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or even skate skiing! The centre supplies around sixteen kilometres of trails to check out. The centre provide full lunch and dinner options as well as a full bar if you decide to call it a day.

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