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Some good advice on how to play escape games

Probably you have heard about the escape games or escape rooms in Prague from the internet or from your friends, who have tried it. It is really enternaining and interesting type of leisure, and you really should try it out. Don’t be shy and find out, what are you capable of. This may be the main reason, why you still haven’t been there – uncertainity in your own powers and fear of the unknown. But ask yourselves – didn’t you want to feel yourself as a hero of your favourite PC game or TV series? Surely you’d like to save the world, repulse the danger or act as a hero. And escape games provide you the best option to know yourself better without any risk, even the atmosphere is the closest to real conditions. If you are ready, let us give you some tips.

The most important advice

Escape games are interesting and extraordinary, but too complicated tasks may be a real disappointment for the beginners. Therefore, choose the game with the appropriate difficulty level (Remember Doom? Yes, don’t play on Nightmare if you can’t press CTRL too fast). Although it’s not a shooter, the logic’s the same.


Experts speak…

Some skilled quest players and escape rooms experts point out the following:

  • Always pay maximum attention to every detail, they may be a serious hint to the total solution.
  • Don’t waste your time, every minute is important.
  • Read the legend thoroughly – there may be hidden some hints or clues.
  • Take a piece of paper and a pencil. Some riddles may be solved only if you write down the conditions or just to draw a scheme in case you can’t imagine it in your head. Pencil always come in handy.
  • Don’t stop only on one task, look around.
  • Split the team and solve more tasks simultaneously.
  • Look for the details, that don’t have any logic. Put them on the right place or find a sequence.
  • Don’t take everything too serious – just relax and enjoy the game. Remember, nothing is too real to take it that hard.
  • There is no rule „if something doesn’t move with the use of force, try excessive force“. Every puzzle should be solved without such force. If the elements can’t be connected normally, obviously they don’t pass each other.
  • Don’t be disappointed, if you won’t be able to complete the game for the first time. Statistically, only 10 % of beginners can complete the correctly created quest.


As you may see, there is nothing difficult. These easy steps may help you to „survive“ your first escape game experience. And remember – no panic. Unrest and fear of the unknown oftenly disturb your success. Please remember: even if the conditions may seem as real, they still are the part of a crafted scenario. Put yourself into an exciting journey!

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