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The Perfect Destination for Yacht Charter: Croatia

Sailing can be a truly unforgettable adventure, but only if you have the right company and the well-chosen destination that will offer you more than a vacation.

If you chose Croatia, you did an extra choice, because the nautical tourism is one of the most attractive forms of tourism at the whole Adriatic coast, especially Croatia. Beautiful because of its art, culture, rich history, unspoiled beauty and a truly dramatic coastline, Croatia must be seen to be believed.

While the modern marinas located throughout the Croatian coast offer lots of facilities that the guests can enjoy, still there is much more than this can be found and enjoyed at your vacation at this destination.

One thing that most of the tourists and especially sailors love at the Adriatic coast is that you can easily find yourself at an isolated bay in which you can spend the day, while swimming in pure and clean waters. They often say that you cannot see the sea ground, not even faraway from land. While chartering a yacht in Croatia is the first step towards unfolding this hidden beauties of Croatia, you certainly should know where to go and the things you shouldn’t miss.

While Croatia has thousand islands for chartering a yacht, all of which deserve to be visited, the largest among them – the Kornati archipelago is something you should enjoy with all your senses.


Kornati islands – the yacht trip you deserve to experience

This group of nearly 150 islands will offer you an endless opportunity of exploration with your yacht. The fact that these islands are totally unpopulated gives a special sense of calmness and a pure relaxation.

If you’d ask any experienced sailor in Croatia about these islands, they will tell you: “Kornati are the best of Croatia”.

The natural beauty of these islands is astonishing, especially if you are looking to experience unique natural landscape with a view to remember.

While you finished the yacht charter in Croatia and you equipped well for an unforgettable experience, make sure you didn’t forget your camera. Apart from the astonishing views you must capture and eternalize, if you are lucky enough – you may run into some dolphins – playing in the sea.

If you want to make your sailing easier – than you should start your boating trip to Kornati from Split.

While many poets have described these islands in their poems, it’s your turn to experience these natural beauties in your own way – an adventure that starts with chartering a yacht.

While most of these stories seem like a fiction– there really is a way to make this come true.


 Charter a yacht from Book2Sail and make the most out of Croatia

Sailing can be a hard job for starters, especially if you don’t know how and when to start. The confusions stop at the time you visit the ultimate yacht charter website. Just type in Book2Sail.com, find the boat or yacht that you like the most and live the rest up to our experienced team that will make sure your dreams come true.
The yacht you have chosen will become your private paradise during your fantastic vacation in Croatia.

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