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What you should know about Albania before you plan your holiday there

Albania is one of the greatest holiday destinations in the consideration of being less populated and isolated from mainstream of the tourism market. However, vast tourist traffic is magnetized there every year to visit the great climate, beautiful landscapes, high lush green valleys and mountains, historical sites and cultural potential of the cities based in the country Albania. You will be delighted to be there in season of May which is the best to visit. Not only the cultural and historical part but also the food and drinking are so inexpensive and reasonable here. You will be famished to enjoy delicious and mouth watering Albanian cuisine with old special wines. The best thing about this place is the unfolded tourism of the country as you can easily understand the fact that it is somehow more interesting than any other European top tourist traffic countries because the cities are unrevealed, most of places are not much visited or explored, so there is always something new to do there. If you are planning a trip to Albania, you should better know about the city, the places to visit, the accommodation to live and places to eat and more importantly Albania travel advice to make your trip an everlasting memory.


Know about the country before visiting

Albania is a peninsula, situated in Balkans which is in Southern Europe with coastline with Adriatic Sea to the west and Ionian Sea to the southwest. It is around 75 kms away from Italy and capital city called Tirana.  Albania is a heart welcoming country for their guests and safe also. There are mountains and peaks to travel for sightseeing, sports and adventure where there are also cleaned and beautiful beaches. It is basically  popular for its historical and cultural potential and those numerous cities and museums reflecting the vast, mysterious and interesting history of Albania. There are archeological sites, the museum cities and other places titled as world heritage site by UNESCO and several other numerous places which you will never want to miss. You should surely go for an Albania travel guide who can introduce you with mysterious history and culture of Albania.

How to Reach Albania: If you are planing to go by Air, then there is Mother Teresa international Airport where multiple numbers of national and international flights are connected. Travelling by road also can be a good option if you are travelling from nearby cities like Italy or Greece as there are various road routes interconnected with various cities of neighbor countries. There are also lots of cities from where you can take passenger ferry to Albania. There are Durres ports which are connected to Italy to travel from by sea.

Places to visit: Tirana is the capital city where you can enjoy the shopping in markets, the urban lifestyle and culture fusion of country along with albanian cusine and wines. There are places like Durrës Amphitheatre, Pogradec’s poertic city, Sarandë for honeymoon, Korcë as festival city, Tirana specifically for nightlife, Beach city Vlorë, Lezha said to be historical capital, stone city Gjirokastër, Berat and Shkodër which should not be missed.

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