Purchasing a car requires a lot of finance and the person with limited income cannot afford to purchase it. It is the requirement these days, and one cannot imagine the life without having a car. There are a lot of alternative options available and you can avail them.

If you are looking for a new car and require an auto to drive yet don’t have the monetary allowance to make a substantial initial installment then you may consider getting a leased car.

Basically, “leasing” refers to paying the monthly installments to a leasing company for a new car. Instead of making one huge installment to buy an auto, leasing gives you the contrasting option to pay less consistently while you can drive the auto also. The custody of the car is given to you while you should pay monthly installments.


One of the essential reasons why a perpetually expanding number of associations and individuals are picking Car Leasing is the deterioration variable of financing another auto. A high depreciation rates have to suffer from new car.

The new cars lose 30 to 50% of their value in the first three years, which is a big loss for the owner. On the other hand, leasing a car is more cost effective. The total cost of your rentals is less than the amount of vehicle depreciated each year.

There are a lot of benefits of getting a leased car due to which the trend of leased car is growing in popularity. In Dubai, individuals and businessmen prefer to go for a leased car. We will discuss the benefits of car leasing that make car lease Dubai a viable option for the buyer.

You can purchase the leased car in Dubai from the reliable websites like oneclickdrive.com where you can get all the information about the car leasing options and payment procedure.

No Administration and Maintenance Cost

While you enjoy the benefits of a car, you don’t have to worry about the car related expenses. All the expenses and services including overnight service, manufacture recalls, service reminders and tyre replacements are the responsibility of the leasing company. It dramatically reduces the expenditure on car.

Minimum Upfront Costs

Among the significant advantages of leasing a car, the biggest benefit is that you don’t have to pay high upfront costs while acquiring a new car. The advance that is charged is less than the 3 times lease amount. The minimum upfront cost is paid by businesses and individuals which means profit margin is maintained while the benefits of leased car are enjoyed as well.

Most renting organizations simply require the principal month rent portion and a security store. While on the other hand, purchasing a car requires a tremendous amount of cash as you have to pay the price of the car at once including the down payment.

Fixed Interest Payments

All leased cars are accessible on a fixed payment basis. The best thing is you have to pay the same rate irrespective of the fluctuations in bank base rates. Notwithstanding different things, this licenses people who have buy rented autos to keep up exact planning for the whole contract. The lease payments are also lower than the car loan payment.

Tax Relief

The monthly payments that are paid each month for a leased car is referred as operating expenditure which means the payments can lower the taxable profit for the business.

Looking at these benefits and the budget, you can take the decision of purchasing a leased car. In any case, rented auto is a vastly improved option for the individuals who have constrained salary, yet require an auto in the meantime.

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